Hi, I’m Mr. Visual

I am a brand of ENGRAM agency

I visualize data

I simplify complicated content

I stimulate imagination

What do I visualize?


I can visualize and explain almost every subject in an easy way. I make world more understandable.

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I animate every content with pleasure and notion. Video materials are attractive in perception, easy to understand and have incredible influence potential.

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Are you bored with repetitious slides? I’ am willing to help you! How? Visually! I visualize data and information in attractive way, interestingly!

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Visual information systems

I can help to find yourself in every space and create positive connotations.

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Maps and plans

I give people the chance to acknowledge particular place and enhance their freedom of movement there.

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Are you wondering what to do with complicated forms? Visualize it – in simple and readable way. I prove that forms can be friendly in perception.

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Icons and pictograms

I think fast and speak shortly. I create shortcuts. I enable to understand the environment with an clear and understandable visual language.

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I come to rescue those lost in time. I visualize necessary data in an useful way. Everyone can navigate with me.

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See whom have I impressed so far

I want to impress you with simple and esthetic form of information. See whom I impressed so far.

Let’s cooperate!

If you want your data or information to draw the crowd's attention,
you are in the right place.

My address:

ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 79C
80-414 Gdańsk, Polska

Do you want my digits? ;)

+48 790 54 00 32